A Guide to Social Video Marketing for Visitor Attractions

//A Guide to Social Video Marketing for Visitor Attractions

A Guide to Social Video Marketing for Visitor Attractions

Here’s The BrightHorn Group’s quick guide to making your video marketing campaigns a success.

1. Start with your business objective. Do you want to boost overall visitor numbers? Visitor spend? Off-peak visitor numbers? Or something else?

2. Once you are clear on the business objective what audiences do you need to reach? If you want to boost mid-week term time numbers perhaps it is school groups, or mums and tots or perhaps retired people who you need to reach.

3. Decide on the proposition for the targeted group. What message does the film need to communicate to the chosen audience?

4. Decide on the platforms you will use to reach the audience. We particularly like Facebook and YouTube for our campaigns as they have great reach, targeting options and value.

5. Choose your video production company. The company you choose needs to understand how to make the most effective advertising films for the chosen social media platforms. Just making a nice looking film and uploading it is not going to be effective. Video Ads on Facebook require a very different approach to films on YouTube even if they target the same demographic and have the same type of message.

6. Choose your social media advertising agency. There are lots of agencies and individuals who will charge you a retainer to regularly update your social media feeds. However if they do not regularly run paid advertising campaigns on your chosen social media platforms and have expertise in video adverts they are unlikely to deliver any return on investment.

7. Repurpose the video to produce additional content. From a single filming day you should get at least 4 social media films and maybe many more. In addition still frames from the video can be exported as photographs for use in blogs, articles, press releases and social media updates. If you have interviews they can be turned into podcasts or used in quotes for press releases. The possibilities are endless but be careful that you tell your video production company of all your requirements as they will undoubtedly want to charge extra each time they go back to the footage.

8. Monitor success and be responsive. Success can come from surprising places – a video you thought wouldn’t be that popular can suddenly go viral – put more advertising budget against it engage with the comments and get more supporting content made quickly. Conversely some seemingly great ads can go nowhere – make sure these are paused and amended quickly to safeguard your budget.

Choosing Your Video Marketing Partner

If you are considering a Social Video Marketing campaign to boost your visitor numbers or achieve another business objective here are 3 reasons you should consider working with The BrightHorn Group.

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If you have any questions or want to find out more you can leave a comment or email David@BrightHornGroup.com

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