Social Video Marketing for Hotels

//Social Video Marketing for Hotels

Social Video Marketing for Hotels

Your hotel may have a video on its website to help convert page visitors into guests. But how do potential visitors find your website in the first place? Usually through listing sites such as, TripAdvisor or Expedia. Which means your proposition is framed and surrounded by your competition and you don’t get the booking directly.

Social Video Marketing presents your hotel with the opportunity to directly reach prospective holiday makers, get them interested in holidaying in your location and think of you as the obvious place to stay.

Social Video Marketing also provides you with the opportunity to directly reach a specific audience at a specific time so you can build campaigns to increase visitor numbers in your low season.

Here is a video we produced to get families interested in visiting Zermatt in Switzerland for their summer holidays. It’s a beautiful Alpine destination with summer skiing, an ice cave, trekking, animal attractions, lakes for swimming and a car free environment. Obviously the first place to look for family accommodation in Zermatt is the Parkhotel Beau Site.

If this video is run as an advert on Facebook we can target families with an interest in travel. We now have an opportunity to show a new set of videos to only those people who liked, commented on, shared or watched this video which minimises cost and maximises potential return on investment.

Here is an example of follow on videos that could be shown only to people who have demonstrated an interest in Zermatt as a destination.

Another great opportunity for Social Video Marketing is to show the films to people who already like your Facebook page and their friends using Facebook Ads. This means that people who have already experienced your excellent customer service and facilities will like, share and comment which maximises social proof, word-of-mouth and referrals.

You are much more likely to consider a destination and hotel if your friend shares a video with you and says they had a great time.

Social Video Marketing opens up a whole new range of opportunities for hotels to build and maintain a client base who make direct bookings.

If you would like to find out more about how Social Video Marketing could work for your hotel please get in touch with David on

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