How to Use Social Video Marketing to Boost the Sales of Your Baby & Kids Products

//How to Use Social Video Marketing to Boost the Sales of Your Baby & Kids Products

How to Use Social Video Marketing to Boost the Sales of Your Baby & Kids Products

Video Marketing is the hottest topic in the world of advertising.

The Huffington Post is calling it “The new darling of the marketing world!”

The Guardian calls it “The future of content marketing.”

And Marketing Week says “Social Media Success is dependent on video”

But what is it and why does it work so well?

In essence video marketing is getting exactly the right film to exactly the right audience using social media advertising.

Right now because of an arms race between YouTube and Facebook to become the most effective video marketing platform the whole sector is developing incredible new technologies and delivering them at very competitive prices.

If you are selling baby and kids products this provides massive opportunities to boost your sales like never before.

In this article we will look at the best way of using the two leading Social Video Marketing platforms, YouTube and Facebook and talk about how to get the best out of each.

What’s great about both platforms is you can use their advanced advertising targeting to reach a very specific market. For example you can get your films shown only to women between the ages of 28 and 47 who live in particular postcodes and have an interest in children’s toys.

The level of targeting granularity is quite extraordinary and rapidly improving because Google and Facebook know everything about us.

The key for Social Video Marketers is to make exactly the right film for the targeted audience whilst working with the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen platform.

First let’s look at YouTube. The key thing about a YouTube user is that they are on the site to consume video and there is a good chance they are looking for something specific. That might sound obvious but Facebook users are just being nosy and hope to stumble across something that might entertain them.

The key difference this makes is when you run a YouTube ad the viewer will almost certainly have the sound turned up. You then get five seconds to persuade the viewer not to click the skip button.

Here’s a film we made for the BabyZen YoYo travel pushchair shot on our family trip to Morocco.

What you will notice about the film is that it doesn’t come across like an advert and that’s important. Authenticity is critical in a world of ad blockers and marketing fatigue.

You will also notice that the voice over is an important part of the communication process. Too many YouTube videos are a series of pretty shots with a Royalty Free music backing track.

Also the pace is quite relaxed. With YouTube ads you pay nothing if the viewer watches less 30 seconds and they have to watch at least 5 seconds before they have the option to skip. So what you want is to get prospects to keep watching whilst happily letting everyone else decide the video is not for them within 30 seconds.

Let’s move on to Facebook. Video has become Facebook’s main effort. They were the first social media platform to bless us or curse us with auto-play video.

The key difference with Facebook audiences is they are scrolling through their news feeds and your video has to visually grab their attention within the first 2 or 3 seconds without any audio.

In the example above we’ve had to use YouTube to embed the film in our website. We’ve also left the audio on which you wouldn’t have on Facebook, unless you clicked on the video.

As you can see the pace is fast and there’s a real focus on visual story telling. You need to work hard to get Facebook users to stop scrolling and pay attention, but that hard work can really pay off.

The great thing about Facebook is people are much more likely to share, like and comment than some other social platforms which means your advertising spend gets enhanced with additional organic views.

If you get your Social Video Marketing strategy and execution right there is no more cost effective and rewarding advertising method.

If you have any questions about how to get the best results from Social Video Marketing for your baby and kid’s products feel free to email

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