Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications
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Whether you’re a conference organiser interested in live streaming events or a business development manager looking for digital ways to communicate your offer, we can help.

We will always first ask about your business objectives and target audiences before working with you to create the most effective media for the task.

Video Production

Our production teams have worked for BBC News and other news and current affairs programmes. We produce films that engage and inform using broadcast editorial expertise. For business development we suggest a simple three video formula; attract, engage, convert.

Social Media Films

Social Media videos designed to attract the attention of a very specific high value audience. We work with you to develop the social media engagement strategy. Typically our social media videos are edited down versions of longer content.

Informative Films

Once you have attracted the attention of your high value audience, it’s time to engage them with a video made especially for them with a strong proposition and call to action.

Live Stream Films

There is nothing like a live event to build the relationship with your high value audience and convert prospects into clients. We can now provide multi-camera live streamed events with branded sets, pre-recorded video inserts, titles and audience interaction. Examples will be available soon.

Podcast Production

We produce high quality podcasts using professional sound recording equipment and hosted by knowledgeable presenters who have conducted hundreds of interviews on a wide range of subjects.

Each episode is carefully edited with professionally produced intro and outro sequences.

Trust us to ask the right questions

Whether it’s healthcare opportunities in China or the productivity improvements afforded by middleware development you can trust us to ask the right questions to get the best out of your staff, your customers, your partners and your prospects.

In this podcast we’re interviewing Kevin Holland, Minister Counsellor for Life Science, Health and Social Care for the Department for International Trade based in Beijing

A chance to delve deeper

In a world where attention spans are shortening, podcasts are bucking the trend and demonstrating audiences will stay engaged.

Midlands Export is a podcast we produce for the Department for International Trade in the Midlands.

Some of our clients